This is new domain (website name) taken by "LOCAL AD CLICK". Around last 2 years this company in to SCAM system. Around 600,000 to 800,000 people who are living in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia & some of African counties waste there money as well as time.
This is not a legal entity & there is no registered office in any where in the world. Gang of thieves are doing this & people who join with this system (members) has to join new members to en-cash their income.

This too illegal SCAM PYRAMID system & who join first made some income by introducing / joining new members to the system. The existing members try to do this, because they need to en-cash there income. By the way owners of this system never paid to the members of Old system. Same way they will do the same in this system. 

Since "LOCAL AD CLICK" having bad name (notorious) in the market & news on internet, they came up with new name as "GLOBAL AD MART" to hide from old members & bad news on internet. As new information, somewhere in May 2013, the has to change to Gamnetwork (

As new information, people who are living countries such as  India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates are not continuing with this system. Also they are unable to withdraw their money. More than 60% of members lost their investment. Now a days this system spreading in countries such as Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Philippine, Malaysia & few of African  countries. Since people not aware with this system, they join with the system. 

As this is SCAM SYSTEM think your self before join to the system